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Drawing Requirement Management

Our advanced AI-powered drawing requirement management system simplifies the process for architects and site owners. Our solution uses cutting-edge AI technology to generate and manage drawing requirements, reducing confusion and saving valuable time. With our system, architects can easily access and respond to site owner requests, while the AI technology takes care of managing the drawing requirements.

Drawing Management & Version Control

Our system provides centralized drawing management and version control for architects, enabling fast and easy access to the latest drawings. With our solution, architects can keep their drawings organized and up-to-date, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring efficient collaboration among team members. The version control feature also enables architects to track and manage changes to their drawings, making it easy to maintain accurate records and streamline their workflow.

KPI’s & Report Generation

Our system offers comprehensive KPIs and report generation functionality, enabling architects to monitor their performance and make data-driven decisions for their business. With our solution, architects can generate a wide range of reports such as project progress, drawing status, and team productivity, providing valuable insights for future business planning. The KPIs feature also enables architects to track key performance metrics such as project completion time and drawing accuracy, helping them to continuously improve their workflow and deliver high-quality results.

Project Planning & Management

Our system provides powerful project planning and management tools, enabling architects to keep their projects on track and achieve their goals. With our solution, architects can create project plans, assign tasks to team members, and track progress in real-time. Our system also includes customizable workflows and collaboration tools, ensuring effective communication and efficient project management. Architects can easily monitor project status and make adjustments as needed, ensuring successful project delivery.

Efficient Team Management

Our system offers advanced team management capabilities, empowering architects to lead their teams effectively and achieve success. With our solution, architects can assign tasks, set priorities, and track progress in real-time, ensuring that everyone is working efficiently and collaboratively towards the project goals. Our system also provides features such as real-time collaboration, task notifications, and personalized dashboards, enabling architects to manage their teams effectively and deliver high-quality results.

Leads Management

Our system offers simplify lead organization and follow-up for architects and interior designers. Effectively track, categorize, and nurture leads, ensuring timely communication and increased conversion rates. Stay in control of your potential projects and build lasting relationships with prospective clients.

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Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder & CTO

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VP Designer

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Yash Sharma

VP Developer

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